9 Basic Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Conversion Rate Optimization: 9 Tips to Improve Your Site

Conversion Rate Optimization is important to produce the greatest amount of sales, lead generation, and customers as humanly possible.

Almost anybody can build a website but ensuring your website is converting all of it’s traffic at the highest rate possible is crucial to maintaining a successful business.

Below are 9 tips in helping you do that.

Table of Contents:

  1. Know your enemy.
  2. Keep it lean and mean.
  3. Pass the 3 second rule.
  4. Be unique in your site and content.
  5. Funnel your readers.
  6. Success is an upward spiral.
  7. Optimize for mobile.
  8. Re-target your content on various channels.
  9. Copy-writing is king.

1. Know your enemy.

Go to Google and click on at least 10 of your competitors websites.

Be honest when you ask yourself…do you like the look of your website?

Are you the best? Would you pick your service?

Make it clear to yourself that your customers are going through the exact same process when doing their research.

If your design is not up to snuff you will miss out on more conversions.

If you can’t determine who your main competitors are, consider engaging a professional SEO service provider.

An expert SEO(search engine optimization) consultant will layout clearly your main competitors and strategies you can use rank up with the best.

Typically, a website audit would be a good place to start when consulting with an SEO.

2. Keep it lean and mean.

It can also be known as less is more.

The vitality of keeping a sleek and clean website is particularly important.

No customer would want to be confused by a clunky, disorganized website as that would make them want to hit the back button.

3. Does your website pass the 3 second rule?

Studies show that when an individual clicks on a link they give approximately 3.1 seconds until they hit the back button if they do not find what they want.

They key is in that 3.1 seconds you make it very concise to the customer…who you are, how to contact you, what it is you do, and how to move to the next step.

Struggling with your website’s speed?

Consider using caching plugins such WP Rocket for WordPress.

4. Be unique and let your website do the work for you.

Your website should be your best salesman.

It never takes holidays, it never calls in sick, it truly is the best employee.

While it is important to have your website niche and unique it is also important to not be to wordy.

Tighten it up and make it concise.

Having a ‘wow line’ that says what you do and what makes you different can show very positively.

5. Funnel your readers where you want them to take action.

Make sure you have straightforward, easy navigation on your website and ensure a  straightforward, well thought out conversion funnel.

Use strategies such as click funnels or sales funnels within your content and website architecture.

Click funnels provide site visitors a series of pages that lead to a conversion event.

Sales funnels are rather your entire business’ customer journey.

In the case of a sales funnel, consider your ideal customer profile. You’ll need to strategize your entire customer sales process.

This will help you to optimize your website in such a way as to be a stepping stone on your customers’ journey to conversion – for your business..

Click funnels are usually setup through social media posts, paid search or an email.

Understanding click funnels vs. sales funnels is essential to ensuring your content is optimized for your ideal customer profile.

6. Success is an upward spiral.

Sites with high conversion rates also have high trust. Trust is absolutely essential to make it known that you have a good reputation.

Posting a professional picture of yourself, sharing how many years you’ve been in business, and also sharing your reviews is a smart way to ensure trust to get as many conversions as possible.

7. Optimize and double check the look of your site on mobile.

With Both iPhone and Android make sure it loads well, looks clean, and your site is fully optimized.

Because if not you are losing out on the 3.1 second rule and losing money and trust.

Check your content on tablets and phones.

8. Multiple channel re-targeting.

Odds are over 95% of your traffic is not going to convert on it’s first interaction with your site.

This does not necessarily mean that it’s trash traffic just that they are in a research mindset and not ready to convert right now.

By targeting those people across multiple channels…ie.Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and others they see you and you stay in the top of their mind.

Accessibility is crucial to developing more trust and in turn capitalizing on conversion.

9. Clear, stable and strong copy-writing.

Clear, stable, and strong advertising copy both paid and organic must be implemented to attain high conversion rate.

If you have too many people coming to your site that necessarily shouldn’t need to be there and in turn a low conversion rate that will make you look bad.

You most definitely want traffic coming to your site that is very targeted and wants what you have to provide.

Keep it all organized and relevant.

Implementing the best seo copy-writing strategies into your content will only help to improve search engine visibility.


Conversion rate optimization is no easy task.

It’s not everyday you come across a website that implements all 9 of these strategies.

So when you do, take notes.

In a world filled with average websites, content, and advertising, you really need to put in the work to get the results you deserve.

If you’re struggling with conversion rate optimization for your website reach out to the team at Morepull.

Whether you have an existing website or need a completely new build, Morepull has you covered.

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