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Morepull Media is a professional WordPress development and WordPress design agency located right here in Calgary, Alberta.

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Interested in developing a WordPress website?
You’re not alone.

Over 455 million websites are built with WordPress, and that number is only growing. That roughly equates to 35% of the total published website market-share in the entire world.

Now why is that? Well WordPress is a great CMS, a content management system.

Content management systems allow web designers and business owners to update their websites with ease. Other content management systems include Joomla, Drupal, and Squarespace, amongst many others.

But WordPress has the largest ecosystem built around it than all other content management systems.

A CMS ecosystem refers to the plugins, software(free & paid), add-ons, support features and more, that are available to be integrated with your website. Other content management systems necessitate paid subscriptions, or require fees to use. WordPress does not. It’s an open source software package, and that means anyone can build an add-on or plugin into WordPress to suit their needs. WordPress website building software is free.

What this means for you when you choose WordPress for your website, is that your site will be very flexible to serve any of your needs. The WordPress platform is perfect for businesses looking to scale and grow. Features & functionalities can be quickly added on to your site as needed.

So if you’re looking for a professional Calgary WordPress developer you’ve come to the right place. The team at Morepull Media are well versed in the front end and back end development of WordPress websites.

We’re highly capable of building or maintaining anything you need in the world of WordPress.

Morepull Media can build in any features or functionality you’d need on your website using WordPress. The WordPress open source software is highly flexible.

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WordPress has a free open-source eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce. It is perfect for small to medium sized online merchants.

Why we use and recommend WordPress?

For many business owners, developing a website is a daunting task.

That’s often because so many website ‘builder’ platforms, web hosts, and web designers are trying to pull or mislead you in their direction(what ever makes them the most $).

Unfortunately, with allot of information disparity in the web design industry, usually the business owner gets pulled into making an unfavorable decision.

If you pick the wrong platform for your business you may end getting stuck investing even more than the startup costs just to make additions and revisions in the future.

This is why we recommend WordPress:


WordPress is free upfront and has no recurring fees. All you pay for is the hosting and your designer’s labor.


WordPress is scalable. There is almost nothing you can’t affordably build in to or on top of your website.


WordPress is manageable. WordPress is a content management system. That makes updates easy.


WordPress is secure. WordPress is a highly refined website building software.


WordPress is fast. WordPress is built on PHP, a fast programming language.

WordPress frequently asked questions.

Is WordPress search engine friendly?

WordPress is very search engine friendly. The platform was built for bloggers originally.

This means it has built in and add-on functions making it easy to implement an effect SEO campaign.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress site?

WordPress design and development costs vary greatly.

The platform can be used for simple blogs or business websites, or complex course websites.

This means pricing details are specific to your project. Morepull Media breaks out WordPress and web design pricing into two tiers, with various standard inclusions for each.


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