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Interested in developing or maintaining a WordPress website?

WordPress is a content management system powering allot of the world’s websites. The platform is only getting more popular and more advanced as more features and functionality are being built it.

Understanding what plugins, what themes, and WordPress development techniques you should employ can be a daunting task.

The team at MorePullMedia are experts in WordPress development.

Calgary WordPress design and development.

More Pull Media | Calgary, AB, Canada

WordPress is a valuable tool More Pull Media frequently uses to develop websites. WordPress is a CMS(content management system), which allows users to update websites with ease once published. We do all the heavy lifting during initial developments stage, & you get the ease of knowing you can add or alter content when ever you need. Almost 20% all all websites today are built with WordPress. Its a trusted solution that is powering millions of websites throughout the world.

The platform is open-source, meaning More Pull Media can alter the code to suit your requirements. This makes it flexible to suit your needs in a variety of ways; from simple but beautiful branded sites, to employee and client login portals. Request a consultation to see if a WordPress development is right for your Calgary business.

Why use WordPress?

Full service content management solutions.

The platform allows for cost effective implementations of a variety functionalities. Increased functionality means increased return on investment for you. If you are looking to showcase work and keep your portfolio steadily updated then WordPress makes fresh content uploads easy. Our development services will cater to your level of knowledge, so we can turnover the site and give you full access or offer you monthly content update services.

WordPress also allows integration of other services: email marketing, SEO plugins, newsletters, online marketing, analytics, and more.

Tools & Software
Some of Favorite WordPress Development Themes, Plugins, and Techniques

WordPress is an open source software.

That means there’s a plethora of plugins, themes, builders, tools and techniques that can be used to optimize your WordPress website online presence.

Let’s make your Calgary WordPress website work for you.

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