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Steps to add Divi forms Google reCAPTCHA.

Google reCAPTCHA is a spam and fraud prevention analysis engine for contact forms and other submission forms.

This guide is a step by step follow-through to add Google reCAPTCHA v3 to your Elegant Themes Divi powered WordPress website contact forms.

Table of contents:

  1. Access the Google reCAPTCHA Admin Dashboard
  2. Add your domain.
  3. Add your email address.
  4. Get your site keys.
  5. Enter your keys into the Divi Contact Form Module.
  6. Select your reCAPTCHA account.

This guide assumes you have Divi theme builder installed on your WordPress website and a valid Google account.

Access the Google reCAPTCHA Admin Dashboard.

First, access the Google reCAPTCHA admin dashboard.

Select the v3 Admin Console from the top right corner.

Once in the dahsboard, and logged in with your Google account, simply follow these steps.

On loading of the Google reCAPTCHA dashboard you may be shown an existing reCAPTCHA setup on a domain.

This implies you’ve set up reCAPTCHA on a domain before.

Alternatively, you may shown an introduction page.

Read through the details of that page carefully if you are a first time reCAPTCAH user.

Either way, you can create a new reCAPTCHA implementation by clicking the + icon in the top right.

Now begin data entry for your use case.

First, create a label, typically, you will call the label something that matches the domain you are working with.

Then select the reCAPTCHA v3.

The difference between reCAPTCHA v3 and reCAPTCHA v2 is that v3 does not interrupt your website visitors.

This is ideal.

Do not make your website visitor manually verify that they are not a robot.

This is overkill for more use cases.

This slows your site visitors down, and adds extra steps for visitors to use your contact form.

They make click off the site because of that, especially if they fail the reCAPTCHA v2 test.

That’s why reCAPTCHA v3 is better, it’s automated, and doesn’t require any additional action of your website visitor.

When you want high converting contact forms, the less hoops your potential lead has to jump through the better.

Add your relevant domain.

Next add your relevant domain in the domain field.

A domain does not require any precursor text.

Just put your domain name and domain extension.

For example, for Morepull, it would just be:

Add your email address.

Ensure you have the right email address.

Enter in an email address of your choice.

Get your Site Key (v3) and Secret Key (v3).

You will now be given two separate keys.

A site key and a secret key.

They are both required to be inputted into the Divi Contact Form Module for reCAPTCHA setup.

v2 reCAPTCHA will have similar keys(although v2 is not recommended).

Enter your site keys in the Divi Contact Form Module.

In Divi, theme builder, you will take the Site Key (v3) and the Secret Key (v3) and place these into the Contact Form Settings Module.

  1. Select the Content tab from your chosen contact form module.
  2. Scroll down in the module until you see Spam Protection.
  3. Click Spam Protection to be provided a drop-down list of option.
  4. Select ReCaptcha from the Service Provider field.
  5. Enter in an account name. Typically you can match the label you create on the Google reCAPTCHA page. This keeps things organized.
  6. Copy and paste the Site Key(v3) and Secret Key (v3) from the reCAPTCHA website.
  7. Hit the Submit button, it is a grey button.

All the above steps can be done from within your Divi Theme Contact Form Settings on a page’s builder.

Select your reCAPTCHA v3 Account.

Your account will now be able to be chosen from the reCAPTCHA v3 Account selector.

Optionally, you can set the minimum reCAPTCHA score to where you want it.

Theoretically the higher score the less chance of spam or fraud.

It’s subjective.

Hit the green check in the bottom right hand corner once your account is selected.

That’s it, you are done, save the page in your Divi Theme Visual Builder.

You can now go through contact forms throughout your Divi pages and update them using your Account Name created for this form.

This will automatically link your reCAPTCHA v3 account to your contact forms.

Alternatively, save a contact form as a custom module in your Divi Library and use it wherever you need, as a template.

Spam prevention is crucial these days.

In 2022, spam prevention on contact forms is a must have.

That’s especially true if you are building a site for a client.

Because no one likes spam or fraud.

If you experience allot of spam, even after using a CAPTCHA on your contact form Divi modules, try increasing the difficulty score.

You can also try switching to reCAPTCHA v2, which is more manual spam prevention, but in some cases more effective.

Google provides additional details on their reCAPTCHA systems to help developers implement reCAPTCHA v3 on their contact forms.

On the topic of Google and Divi integrations, a step by step guide to add Google Map in Divi Theme has been published recently.

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