Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions.

What is required from us during the website creation process?

Your role in your business’ site development is crucial. Depending on what we agree upon at RFP and contract negotiations stage, you may be required to provide content, logos, images, preferred colors, and involve yourself in design feedback processes. Don’t worry, our process is simple and refined, all streamlined to save you time and give you your desired results as quick as possible.

I don't have content for my website, can you create it?

Content creation is a chargeable service additional to website design/development. Morepull can generate all the content for your website, but always will need input from you the client for details, industry insight, and business targets.

where are you located? will you take on remote work?

We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but are available for remote work and have a number of remote work solutions to keep you updated and involve you in the development process.

how long will it take to complete my website?

We work with a variety of client timelines and budgets. So there is no set schedule to our client’s projects that is first not agreed upon by both parties. Websites could take anywhere from 2 weeks, to 2 months as a general guideline. Applications and software development generally can take longer.

I don't have A logo or a Brand, Can you create one for us?

We do provide clients with direct or outsourced logo and branding services if they feel they need a refresh or are starting up a business or brand from scratch! We love to work with clients who are interested in strategic brand planning and being involved in the process from day one.

How are payments made and how frequently are installments due?

Payments can be made via eTransfer, Credit Card, Pay Pal, or other direct forms of transfer. Typically the first installment is %50 up front. The remainder %50 is due upon publish of website/project. Your payment details will be in contract terms.

do you work on an hourly or contract basis? What is your hourly wage?

Due to the wide range of work that we do there is no hard set wage we bill our clients. We prefer, as do most our clients, to work on a stipulated contract basis for our projects.

Are you available for sit downs or consultations?

We are located in Calgary Alberta and are always available to meet you in person as required to consult on strategy and tech decisions for your business. From project start up on-wards we do prefer to communicate via email and telephone.