Inbound Link Building Services Explained | Should You Consider Link Building Services for Your Business or Website?

by | Feb 20, 2022 | Search Engine Optimization

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Table of Contents:

  1. What are Inbound Link Building Services?
  2. Link Building Strategies
  3. What are Inbound Links / Backlinks / Links?
  4. Why Links are Important
  5. When to Consider Link Building Services
  6. Want to Build Links Yourself?
  7. Which Businesses can Benefit from Link Building Services

As a business or website owner, you may be offered backlink or inbound link building services from time to time.

Inbound link building services or backlink building services are a service provided to increase the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website from other websites. Link building is a strategy in the field of search engine optimization, aimed to increase the search engine rankings of your page or website.

Link building is also a proven digital marketing tactic to increase brand and domain awareness.

Inbound link building service providers use outreach tactics and pitches to contact website owners in regards to getting link placements on their website.

Some link building service providers will use their existing relationships with bloggers, journalists, and webmasters.

Relationships like this, when leveraged strategically, can dramatically speed up the acquisition of links for your website.

We’re only covering white hat link building strategies. Some agencies use black hat link building strategies, which is highly frowned upon by search engines.

Guest posting: The link building service provider will offer high quality content in exchange for a link.

Sponsorships: if you have a solid domain authority already you can leverage that for link round up posts or review posts. This will be a collection of outbound, potentially with affiliate sponsorship

Resource pages: The link building service provider offers to share an article on a clients site or social in exchange for a link(i.e. social equity and traffic).

Brand advocation: This relates to the offering of free product in replacement of product reviews or blog posts with relevant contextual links

Relationships: Existing relationships that your link building service provider has are leveraged to gain links back to your site.

An example of link building outreach:

In this scenario, the link building service provider is pitching a web master or website owner with a quick fix to their broken link. Links break for a number of reasons, but sometimes content just gets unpublished.

In this case, we are providing the web master or website owner a service by identifying a broken link on their website.

But we are also clearly providing a quick fix by offering them to link to our content to replace the broken link.

This, if it works, gets a free backlink to the blog post!

Pitches and strategies vary widely, but guest posting, sponsorships, resource pages, and relationship acquired backlinks are the most commonly used.

A link, in web development and search engine optimization, refers to the HTML Link Tag.

Website backlinks are basically just links from other sites to your website.

Hyper text markup (HTML) is the foundation of every website and webpage. It’s used to build websites, along with CSS(cascading style sheets) and other programming languages.

In website backend code an HTML tag can be used to link externally to another page or document.

<a href="" rel="follow" target="_blank">Morepull Media</a>

This above is a link tag, written out in the backend. The text “Morepull Media” would be display as a clickable link.

It would be shown as follows:

Morepull Media

Webmasters and web designers use HTML links tags, or hyperlinking, to link externally or internally in a variety of situations:

  • Crediting a quote.
  • Suggesting related content to your readers.
  • An internal link points to page within your domain and website.
  • An external link provides the reader another source for additional information outside of your domain and website.
  • Linking to an external CSS cascading style sheet.
  • Adding sources to a fact or study cited.

A backlink is important to your website’s search engine optimization for a variety of reasons.

Search engines use linking information when ranking web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search engines view backlinks(also known as inbound links) as vote of confidence from one website to another.

You want your website to have allot of high quality backlinks. This will increase your websites’ perceived authority or trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

Search engines such as Google have big task. Primarily of which, they want to provide search engine users the best experience possible.

A major part of providing search engine users the best experience possible is by providing them the most accurate, up to date, and high quality search results for their entered question or phrase.

A question or phrase entered into a search engine is broken into the keywords within it.

These keywords are used by search engines to provide search engine results pages. They do this by scraping webpages for these keywords. When a webpage comes up that appears relevant, it will be served in the search engine results to the user.

The difference between the search results showing up on the first page, or the tenth page, can typically be chalked up to the number and quality of inbound links pointing to the websites serving up those results in the form of blog posts, articles, landing pages and more.

Those websites with a high number of quality backlinks will be shown more frequently on the first page.

The first page of the SERPs is where you want your website to be.

No one likes scrolling or click past the 3rd page of search results.

It’s just annoying.

Link building services we’re ‘invented’ to increase the likelihood that your website or web pages will show up on the first the SERPs.

That depends on a number of factors.

Are you looking to increase your web traffic?

If yes, link building services are generally a top notch SEO strategy to implement.

How competitive is your niche?

Some niches, or subject topics, are fully saturated on the web. That means, even if you create the most rich, unique, resourceful content for your reader, you still may struggle to rank your web pages where you want them.

Building a roster of high quality back links may be your only saving grace.

Larger companies or those in competitive niches should consider link building as an absolute necessity in getting the search engine optimization results they desire.

Do you really have the funds to shell out?

High quality white hat link building services do not come cheap.

Engaging the services of a professional SEO specialist is definitely the first step.

From their, your SEO company or freelancer can determine what is going to be required to build you a reputable inbound link roster.

For example, the impressive case studies built out by, are based on pricing plans, per month, starting at $2999 USD as of February 2022.

That said, this is a highly specialized inbound link building services provider.

With the right SEO company, your link building should be included in the fee of your search engine optimization.

Inbound link building is a time consuming task.

Consider this, the closing or conversion rate on successful outreach for link building purposes can be pretty low.

Now couple that with the time needed to prospect a decent list of potential backlink candidates to reach out to.

Expect 40+ hours just in the research and prospecting stage.

This doesn’t even take into account content creation, or the exchange of value strategy used to gain the link.

But, you may be in a small enough local niche that only a couple high quality backlinks can literally skyrocket your website’s search rankings.

Assess what your competition is doing.

When considering building backlinks your self, try to quantify the following:

  • Are your competitors evidently using an inbound link building service?
  • How many of your competitors are implementing search engine optimization for their websites?
  • Is your niche or subject matter competitive in the online world?
  • What quality of content in your niche is already out there?
  • Do you really have the time to execute a link building strategy from nothing?

This depends on your service or product.

An eCommerce store in a competitive market niche selling a high ticket product could see link building services as a no brainer.

The return on investment from one product sale from organic search traffic could offset the fee from their link building agency for the entire month.

This is also true for a high ticket service such as plumbing or construction contracting.

Typically, returns are best seen in B2C based business models.

If you’re average service price or contract value is leading into the thousands, it may be totally worth it.

It’s a just matter of whether you can see the returns fast enough to make the hefty cost of link building services viable.

Inbound link link building services are typically recurring fee contract types, also known as retainer agreements.

This means, if you can’t balance your cash flow month to month as it is, the longer term results that search engine optimization and link building provide may not be viable.

At Morepull Media, our belief is that any small to large business, selling a higher ticket service or product can benefit.

Remember, a few high quality backlinks may be all it takes to set up your website to succeed in search rankings for years to come.

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