The Pull Media Model Explained in it’s Relation to SEO, Domain Authority, and Online Business Models

What is Pull Media?

Drive sales and conversions for your online business with pull media strategies.

What does pull media mean exactly?

The pull media marketing distribution model explained.

Pull media is a broad term used in the digital marketing industry.

Pull media bases it’s efficacy on the use of tactics non invasive to online users’ browsing habits.

Most closely related with pull media is search engine optimization(SEO).

Ultimately pull media when properly implemented for a business increases brand awareness, authority, and exposure to a business’ targeted customer or client base.

Pull media model in relation to SEO.

The pull media model differs from other intrusive techniques of marketing. Intrusive marketing includes PPC(pay per click) advertising, cold email marketing, social media advertising and brochures/catalogues distribution.

Intrusive marketing is synonymous with push marketing or push media. Businesses can find benefit from both push and pull media marketing, but typically most cost effective is SEO grounded pull media, with longer term utility being the main advantage.

Search engine optimization works because if done correctly, can establish value and brand authority for your domain and business. This in turn, with techniques such as back-link building and high value content, increases your domain authority allowing higher search engine rankings for your target keywords and phrases.

Pull media based SEO is non-intrusive, in the way that properly crafted content targets and serves search engine users for what they actually want. SEO is basic pull media, essentially publishing your content for free, all in hopes of creating value, answering questions and providing details to search engine users.

Is pull media the same as inbound marketing?

Yes pretty much, inbound marketing, or inbound media marketing can be used in conjunction with pull media.

Pull media or pull marketing in the digital marketing space works by naturally pulling customers and users to your website. From user landing on your page through to final conversion is the process of sales funneling and sales process optimization.

Inbound marketing is more definitive of the entire process. Where as pull media is the content and publishing you use to attract strangers, search engine users, or social media platform users to your website or page.

an infographic to demonstrate relationship between inbound marketing and pull media

The inbound marketing methodology is explained in the figure above. The uses of pull media are generally applicable to the attraction stage. building content and free value, along with SEO techniques, can provide a steady stream of organic traffic to your web pages. The source for info-graphic explaining inbound marketing: User Dmitry Portfolio Adobe Stock Photos


Using pull media to increase brand and domain authority.

Brand and domain authority is crucially recognized and measured by search engines to help rank your content in search results.

Pull media is the starting point of increase such domain authority. By implementing solid SEO techniques, on-page and off-page, link building, among other SEO practices along with your pull media content will help to increase your domain authority.

Pull media strategies:

  • Rich content creation.
  • SEO copywriting
  • Custom info-graphics and user resource creation.
  • Blogging and guest post blogging.
  • Back-link building.
  • Internal linking.
  • Call to action creation.
  • Website funneling techniques.

If you are looking to increase the domain authority and brand awareness for your business online then your best bet is to get started with an SEO audit.


Start using pull media to grow your business.

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