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Increase targeted traffic to your site.

Looking to increase traffic and the right traffic at that to your website?

Need accurate monthly reporting and metrics to determine growth and current website search rankings?

Morepull Calgary SEO services are tailored to your needs. From SEO copywriting, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, we provide quality SEO services to get you real results from your online presence.

Calgary SEO services that you can trust.

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Sitting at the bottom of Google’s ranking system doesn’t get you leads. Getting to first page for your specific niche will. Increasing targeted traffic for your business niche will also get you more leads.

More Pull Media targets specific keywords and search terms we know your customers use. We aim for focused local demographic which means better results for you locally.

Know that your customers don’t want to have to spend more than 10 seconds searching for you. Any Calgary SEO company is going to know that and advise if landing page or posts need a refresh to design.

Design ensures you appear relevant to the average user. But the content is what keeps your site visitor engaged.

Let’s hit all angles of your online presence to optimize your authority on the web space. More Pull Media will setup social media accounts, Google business accounts, and customer review options that together develop brand validity.

Search engine optimization Calgary by alters the code of your website, structuring it to be scanned easily by search engines such as Google and Bing. Your website content gets edited and added to, all to target specific search niches.

Get Real SEO Results

On-page Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta tags
  • White hat SEO strategies
  • Proper SEO website architecture
  • Keyword density metrics
  • SEO keyword research
  • Monthly SEO reporting and metrics
  • SEO copywriting services
  • SEO image naming
  • SEO ALT attributes
  • outbound links (type and anchor text)
  • Optimizing the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 elements
  • Implement strategies for structured data
  • Proper use of bold / italics
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Mobile-friendly optimization
  • Robots.txt creation and fixing any robots.txt issues
  • Conversion rate optimization for website pages
  • Website sales funnels
  • Page speed optimizations
  • Image size optimizations
  • File and folder naming protocol
  • Blog post naming
  • Title and meta description for page/post
  • link navigation issues
  • Google search console link up
  • Google analytics link up
  • Business directory submission
  • Creation of sharable content
  • Targeting Google snippets
  • Sharing and creation of infographics and unique rich content

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

  • IP blocking
  • Cleaning up spam
  • Malicous code investigation and removal
  • Backlink information (number, who, value of each backlink)
  • Tabulation and reporting
  • Backlink generation strategies
  • Outreach for blog post sharing
  • Complete SEO project management
  • SEO linking strategies
  • Social media strategy
  • Article writing and/or submission strategies
  • Blog post
  • Review of potential Google penalizations(including over optimization)

On-page SEO vs Off-page SEO

What is the difference?

ON-page SEO is everything you can do to increase the conversion rate and traffic that a web page or post can experience.

But only to details of that web page and content.

Where as Off-page SEO is a broader approach and necessitates outside of the box thinking. Off-page SEO is holisitc SEO techniques and strategies to employ to boost backlinking, security, and brand authority.

Off-page and on-page SEO are used in conjunction to get your website the results needed.

Local Calgary SEO Specialist Services

Best SEO Calgary for Local Results and Local Targeted Traffic

Local Calgary SEO is Calgary search engine optimization that helps your business or website become more visibile in local search results on Google.

Local Calgary SEO involves making your business listings, franchise locations, and service areas discoverable to your clientele. Local Calgary SEO is crucial for location dependent service based businesses.

Why does local SEO work?

SEO as a whole is one of the most cost effective inbound marketing solutions. When you target keywords, phrases, and questions that you know your customers are search you are bringing pre-qualified leads right to your sales page(s).

We know that the traffic going to your site is search for exactly the services you are proving.

That is already meaning your website visitor is probably ready to buy.

Optimizing for sales conversion once the website visitor hits your page is part  of our Calgary SEO services.


Why bring on a Calgary SEO specialist?

There’s complicated strategy behind climbing Google’s search rankings.

If you’re trying to boost your traffic on your own the learning curve to SEO can be steep.

More Pull Media specializes in developing that strategy, executing SEO techniques, and measuring your business’ performance.

All while keeping you informed through the process on what and why we’re doing certain things.

Let’s make your website work for you.

Your Calgary SEO Expert – More Pull Media

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