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by | Aug 20, 2021 | Development

We’ve found arguably the best QR code generator.

This is just our opinion over at More Pull Media.

A QR code is ‘Quick Response code.’ It’s a barcode, scannable optical label that can contain a multitude of data. We found our favorite. This is not a paid sponsorship or advertisement, just an opinion having used many QR code generators over the last few months. Want to know more about QR codes? Let Wikipedia break it down for you.

Find our favorite best QR code generator here at:

QR codes are everywhere…

if you haven’t noticed.

We’re integrating QR codes for local businesses; restaurant menus, business cards, links to web pages etc. Custom creating these is an option, but for simple applications of QR codes why not just use an existing generator out there on the big wide web.

What makes this the best QR code generator in our opinion?

It’s a Free QR Code Generator (truly free)

No need to be paying a subscription service for a QR Code generator. Have a look through the details of sign up for any QR code generation site because allot will offer the free trial first, then after a week your stuck with a subscription fee to ensure your QR code remains functional. If you’ve already transferred your QR code to print or product then your kind of out luck. Pays to check first – we’re promoting this QR code generator because it is simply free, no strings or clauses, unless you want additional customization.

It’s Simple

A good QR code generator is easy to download, implement etc. Simple field entry to one button click conversion. This QR Code Generator is super simple.

Offered In .EPS File Format

Your going to want your downloadable QR code in an .eps file format or some other vector graphic. This file format allows you to customize as you need after the fact with a software like Adobe Illustrator(what we use at Morepull).

A normal .jpg is fine but then you have to deal with ugly white/black background. .eps format better allows better integration with your design.

Basic Generation Options Are Offered

Basic options for QR Code generation offered such as web link, text, contact card, phone call push, geolocation.

Stop paying for QR code generation.

A little bit of thorough searching through the various QR code generation offerings and companies and you’ll discover you don’t need to pay to get a QR code implemented and working for a long duration for whatever project your working on.


As of August 20th, 2021 our vote for the best QR code generator is QR Code Generator at

Check it out for yourself! Have you found something with more features or functionality? Let us know.

If you’d like to implement a QR code for one of your business process, promotional material, or other, we would be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us to discuss the details.

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